It's been 11 years since we launched our book club, Literary Feast. We figure it's time for an audit. This survey is for all listeners interested in the KMUW Literary Feast, whether you've attended or not!
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How many times have you attended Literary Feast? *

What made you decide to attend Literary Feast?

What was your favorite book at Literary Feast? Why?

What was your least favorite book at Literary Feast? Why?

What day of the week would you prefer having Literary Feast?

What venue would you enjoy for Literary Feast?

Are two hours necessary for Literary Feast?

What time is ideal for Literary Feast?

Do you prefer having a meal during Literary Feast?

Would you prefer paying a ticket price for Literary Feast or foregoing a meal?

What kinds of books would you like to read for Literary Feast?

Do you enjoy KMUW updates and author events being shared at Literary Feast?

How do you consume the books for Literary Feast?

Do you get to share all of your thoughts at book club?

What is the ideal size for Literary Feast?

How do you feel about Literary Feast leadership?

How likely are you to participate in pre-discussion activities?

If you couldn't attend an event in person, would you join in an online discussion?

Is there anything you would change about Literary Feast?

What have you enjoyed the most about Literary Feast?

Will you share your contact info with us, so that we can follow up with you regarding Literary Feast? (Optional)



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